Courier Mail Server – Mail in your network!

Main window of Courier Mail Server

Courier Mail Server is a Windows mail server for office local networks and the Internet.

It will help you quickly organize email exchange in your company.

System Requirements


  • compact, easy to install and remove
  • easy to configure and administration
  • low consumption of system resources
  • no paid subscriptions and renewals

Major Features

  • SMTP and POP3 services
  • web server supporting PHP and Perl (HTTP service)
  • proxy server (SOCKS service)
  • support for protected connections (SSL/TLS)
  • remote administration
  • support of multiple mail domains
  • processing and antispam filtering the mail by specified rules
  • interaction with the console antiviruses
  • limited sizes of local mailboxes
  • user and domain aliases
  • alias-based mailing lists
  • domain mailboxes and domain forwarding
  • mailing to fixed servers (smart hosts)
  • direct mailing to recipients' servers (MX delivery)
  • restricted forwarding of external mail (antirelay)
  • limited size of sent messages and number of recipients
  • automatic re-sending of outgoing mail
  • notifications of undelivered messages, viruses and other events
  • customizable notification templates with support of macros
  • separation of access rights on client IP addresses
  • limited number of incoming/outgoing connections
  • mail collector from remote mailboxes (POP3, IMAP)
  • dispatchers of connections, outgoing messages, remote messages
  • scheduler with external application run feature
  • copying of certain messages to the specified addresses
  • mail processing using external applications
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