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An unregistered copy of the CMS allows to create no more than three active (working) users. The number of other active records is also limited: web site — 1, address alias — 3, scheduler task command — 10, remote SMTP server — 2, remote mailbox — 3, antispam rule — 10, sorting rule — 10. There are no other restrictions.

If you need a larger number of active users, buy a registration key.

After activating the key, the maximum number of active users will increase to the number specified when placing the order. At the same time, all other restrictions will be removed.

Keys from CMS 2.xx are not suitable to CMS 3.xx. Read more »

Updating from Previous Versions

Version History

The site is updated: 06.03.2024
Current version of CMS: 3.11 (?)
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 27.10.2023  Released CMS 3.11.
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