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Version History

- Important
- New feature
- Change
- Bug fix

Version 3.11 (27.10.2023) (in comparing to version 3.10)

The processing of messages in the processing queue and the processing of undelivered and delayed messages have been cardinally accelerated. Significantly accelerated the processing of messages when they are sent. Improved server performance in general.

Support for secure connections (SSL/TLS) with activation when the client is connected (connection mode to a special port) in SMTP, POP3, HTTP and WinAdmin services. Support is enabled separately for each service. SMTP and POP3 services also allow to select the protection activation mode.

Support for secure connections (SSL/TLS) with the server (WinAdmin service) in the console with the ability to disable server certificate validation.

Ability to search for a specified string in lists of users, antispam rules, sorting rules and remote messages.

Now copying text in Russian (and some other languages) via the clipboard from the console to applications that support Unicode and back is performed correctly, regardless of the current input language.

All services, when authentication fails, write to the log the name of the user for whom the failure occurred, and the exact reason for the failure: incorrect password, user does not exist or is inactive.

Services that have changed the port or IP address for accepting connections are automatically restarted when the changes are applied.

Added an activity check box in the properties of web site, user, address alias, schedule, time subrange, remote SMTP server. The server only works with active records.

Ability to select a standard port number from the list has been added to all fields for input the port number. When select a standard port, the necessary connection security settings (SSL/TLS) are automatically set.

All password input fields in the console are brought to a single form: input field, clear password button, show/hide password button. The saved password cannot be changed or shown, it can only be cleared and a new one entered.

To avoid long console freezes when working with the server, the "Timeout" field has been added to the connection window.

To avoid long antivirus freezes when scanning messages, the "Max. time of message check" field has been added to the antivirus properties.

The "Timeout" field in the properties of connection through SOCKS server.

Ability to deny web access to a specified web site folder.

Ability to require authentication for web access not only to the entire web site, but also to a specific folder of it.

The HTTP service now returns not only the HTTP error code, but also the error description displayed in the client's browser.

The "Auto-adjusting fonts" check box in the console options.

The "SSL/TLS" column has been added to the lists of services, remote SMTP and POP3/IMAP servers and connections. The "Protocol" column has been added to the list of remote POP3/IMAP servers.

In user properties, the domain is displayed after the name.

Ability to copy the lines of the screen log using Ctrl + Insert keys.

Icons have been added to all drop-down lists for selecting records created on the server. The icon kind corresponds to the record type.

Server startup has been accelerated by reading inf files in the background. Now, even with a large number of messages in the processing queue, the main functionality of the server starts working almost immediately after launch.

Updating the list of sending tasks in the console has been cardinally accelerated.

Now in the unregistered copy of the program (demo version) the number of active records is limited: web site - 1, address alias - 3, scheduler task command - 10, remote SMTP server - 2, remote mailbox - 3, antispam rule - 10, sorting rule - 10. The number of inactive records is unlimited. The registered copy of the program does not have these limits.

Now it is not the total number of users that is limited, as it was before, but the number of active users. The number of inactive users is unlimited.

Now, if the number of active records exceeds the current limits when the server is started, the server work is suspended (only administration is available) until the registration key is activated or the excess is eliminated. The console displays the corresponding message when connecting to the server. In this case, lists of records display all records, including those exceeding the limits.

In the SOCKS service, data transfer between the client and the target server was previously performed without a timeout, which could cause a long hang of connections. The timeout specified in the SOCKS service is now applied.

The DNS client has been optimized in terms of working with the list of DNS servers, and minor errors have been fixed.

In user properties, specifying the domain in the name is prohibited.

In the WinAdmin service, it is now not allowed to select such an IP address for accepting connections, in which local connection will become impossible.

The monitor options window now uses the current system font.

Small improvements, fixing minor errors and defects in the console, server, installer and monitor.

UTF-8 encoded strings containing certain characters were not decoded.

In certain cases, the coordination of threads was disrupted, which could cause delays in sending, receiving from remote mailboxes and processing mail, as well as the hanging of scheduler tasks that started sending and receiving mail.

In the properties of the sending queue, it was impossible to move servers through the list, the error "Access violation at address 0049DD21" occurred.

Due to the nature of Windows, when updating the date of the last write to a file, some log files were deleted a day later than they should have been.

If the server was running as an application, then when the Windows session ended, the run separator was not written to all log files except the main one.

Version 3.10 (30.10.2020) (in comparing to version 3.09)

The server log is divided into 6 logs: the main one and for each service. Each log is saved to a separate file and displayed on a separate tab in the console. Tabs of unused (empty) logs are not displayed.

Automatic deletion of old log files (stored for more than a specified number of days).

Ability to choose the type and size of fonts in the console parameters (main font, font of log and text of message template, font of section titles).

For each external IMAP mailbox, a folder can now be specified from which mail will be received.

Ability to limit for each remote SMTP server the maximum number of messages sent to it within a specified time.

Ability to limit for each remote SMTP server the maximum number of recipients in each message sent to it.

Ability to disable server certificate validation when establishing protected connections (SSL/TLS) to remote servers, including MX delivery.

If the server is unable to open the log file, the tab of this log in the console is flagged and displays the error information. When the file is successfully opened, the tab displays the name of the current log file.

Ability to select its own detail level of log for each service.

The "Folder of log files" field in the "Settings - Log" section.

Now the maximum size of the log file is always limited and can be specified in both kilobytes and megabytes.

All log files that have reached their maximum size are now saved, not just the last one (*.old) as it was before.

The "Save to file mode" log setting is removed. Now the mode "Separate file for each date" is always active.

The "Write protocol of administration" check box in the "Settings - Log" section is removed. This protocol is now written to the WinAdmin service log at high and debug detail levels.

Small improvements, fixing minor errors and defects in the console, server and installer (configuration converter).

Some received messages were saved by the IMAP client in violation of the format, which could later lead to the transfer of these messages in incomplete form.

Errors of thread coordination when sending mail.

Version 3.09 (04.04.2019) (in comparing to version 3.08)

In the scheduler tasks the commands can now go in any order and be many times repeated with different parameters. One block of commands can be executed in the presence of a specific file, the other - in the absence. Several files can be checked at once by combining the conditions of "and/or". Conditions can be nested. Commands are automatically indented depending on the nesting depth. The correctness of setting conditions is checked automatically when applying changes.

The actions "Exclude recipients from sorting" and "Return excluded recipients" in the sorting rule.

The function "Ignore violations of IP group" in the properties of services.

The ability to use a client certificate when establishing protected connections (SSL/TLS) to remote servers, including MX delivery.

Ability to pause screen log update.

Users passwords, key activation password and administrator password in the installer can now be entered in clear text.

In the list of schedules in the column "Time" a display of the schedule type ("At" / "Every") has been added.

The repeat period of the schedule with a specified time interval is now counted from the beginning of each subrange. Previously, for all schedules, the period was counted from the beginning of the current day. This allows, in particular, to shift by time the schedules with the same repeat period.

Small IMAP client optimization. Now messages are identified not by their order numbers, but by their UID; messages sizes are requested at the same time as the UID request.

Small improvements, fixes of minor errors and defects in the console.

When the IMAP client requested a message, certain server responses (for example, of the absence of a message) or the inability to determine the size of the message could cause to hanging connection and its further interruption by timeout. Now in such cases, the receiving will continue with the next message.

Version 3.08 (15.03.2017) (in comparing to version 3.07)

In the lists in the column header by which the list is sorted, the icon with the sort direction is displayed.

Previously, the situation was not taken into account when the antivirus monitor deleted a message file from the queue folder, so further processing of the message was interrupted with an EFOpenError error and processing of the messages by the server was completely terminated. Now, in this situation, the message processing is completed correctly, the corresponding report is recorded to the log and processing of the messages is continued.

Previously, if the server has refused of the console connection, then regardless of the cause of refuse, the error "Remote host disconnected" has been displayed. Now, in such cases, the console reports the cause of refuse and the server response.

Small improvements, fixes of minor errors and defects in the console (lists and others).

SMTP service was being rejected the greeting commands (EHLO, HELO) sent by the client again in the same session.

Installing CMS on the versions 1.xx and 2.xx was being interrupted with the error "Field "Services.UseMaxConnOneIP" not found".

When using of a large system font, the registration key of the program was impossible to activate, because the input window of the activation password did not open, there was the error "Access violation at address 0044EC39".

Version 3.07 (16.10.2016) (in comparing to version 3.06)

Support for secure connections (SSL/TLS) in SMTP and POP3 services (in connecting mode to the standard port).

Check box "Reject duplicate messages" in the properties of external mailbox.

In the SMTP service added the ability to reject messages of clients who have not passed the hostname (PTR record) check, that allows to record in the log the addresses of senders and recipients of these messages.

In the SMTP service added the ability to check the coincidence of the client hostname passed by the EHLO command, with its name specified in the PTR record.

In the SMTP service added the ability to disable the check resolve the client hostname into its IP address, that allows to check only the very existence of a hostname (PTR record).

In the services added a separate limit of the number of simultaneous connections per IP address for the group of allowed IP addresses.

In the conditions of sorter and antispam now can be used temporary field ToCc (concatenation of fields To and Cc, separated by comma).

Possibility to specify multiple message recipients in the properties of an external mailbox on "Recipients" tab.

In "Remote Messages" section the "Created" column with a creation date of the message added to the list.

If the client sent more recipients by the RCPT TO commands, than specified by the setting "Max. number of message recipients" then now not only recipients over specified number are rejected, but also the message itself.

Now, when the authentication commands are recorded to the log, all open passwords (including encoded in base64) are replaced by asterisks and user names are recorded in the clear.

Services in which the protocol provides the server response immediately after the client connection (SMTP, POP3 and WinAdmin), when a connection is prohibited, before disconnecting a client send to it the reason for disconnection. Other services (HTTP, SOCKS) disconnect a client without sending the reason to it. Also, all services when a connection is prohibited are now record the reason of disconnection to the log.

Previously was not taken into account the situation when the antivirus deleted the message file (or moved it to the quarantine), so further processing of the message was interrupted with an EFOpenError error. Now, in this situation, the message processing is completed correctly and the corresponding report is recorded to the log.

The range of horizontal scrolling of the screen log is now dynamically updated when adding new rows.

Small reorganization of settings: "Access" tab in the properties of services, columns of the list in "Remote Messages" section.

While at least one connection to the service from a certain IP address was established, all subsequent connections from the same IP address were not checked for violations.

In the POP3 client when using protection of connection (SSL/TLS) with connection to the standard port, APOP authentication method was not working.

If at the end of a session of receiving mail from the remote mailbox a connection to a remote server was interrupted, then the messages which should be removed from the mailbox, in the next session were not deleted and received again.

The IMAP client requested a list of message identifiers even if the remote mailbox was empty, that caused an error message from the remote server.

The IMAP client tried to continue the authentication process after receiving a failure on the AUTHENTICATE command from a remote server, which led to hanging connection and its further interruption by timeout.

Version 3.06 (30.01.2016) (in comparing to version 3.05)

Implemented IMAP client that allows to receive mail from remote mailboxes using IMAP protocol.

The option to install only the console has been added to the installer.

The installer allows to start the server without installing it as a service.

Each logged on user can now run his own copy of the monitor.

Timeout, specified in the properties of services and remote servers is now used not only when receiving, but also when sending data. This avoids long hung connections.

Excluded the situations where sending is started after accumulating a threshold number of messages in the queue and some messages are not sent.

If the connection to the server is interrupted, the console is now informs immediately about it and closes the connection from its side.

Now while the administrator works in the console it is not disconnected from the server. Disconnection occurs only if the console is not used for a timeout specified for WinAdmin service.

The transfer of messages from local mailboxes by the POP3 service has been accelerated.

When starting of receiving mail from the group of remote mailboxes always the specified maximum number of receiving threads was started. Now server starts as many threads as there are active mailboxes in the group (but not more than the specified maximum and not less than 1).

Windows 2012/8/8.1/10 were added to the list of supported OS.

Small improvements and the fixes of minor errors in the monitor and console.

When a rule with selected check box "only for these recipients" was being executed in a nested sorter, actions could be performed also for recipients who are not satisfying the condition.

If the server was installed as a service, and the monitor was started with user rights, it was impossible to open the option window of the monitor or start the server, there was the error "System Error. Code: 5. Access is denied".

In the case when the server was running as a service, and the monitor was started with user rights, and also in the case when the server was running as an application, and the monitor was started in the session of another user, the server status was displayed as stopped.

Function "Send spam to this address" did not work for remote mailboxes, in the properties of which the check boxes "Use this internal antispam" and "Use external antispam" had been cleared - the messages detected as the spam were being deleted.

Installing CMS on the version 1.xx was being interrupted with the error "Table "WebSites" not found".

Version 3.05 (08.06.2015) (in comparing to version 3.04)

Support for secure connections (SSL/TLS) with remote SMTP and POP3 servers, including the MX delivery.

The check box "Require authentication" in the properties of a web site, that allows to deny access to site for users who are not registered in the CMS.

The system of counting violations of clients was extended to the HTTP service. Violations are: the authentication failure, the sending of an unrecognized command.

To the violations of SOCKS service were added the following: the sending of an unrecognized command, the using of an unsupported protocol version.

Improved display of the message lists: width of the column "Subject" ("Remote Messages") was fixed, the column "Size" ("Remote Messages", "Sending Tasks") was aligned to right.

Field "Root folder" in the properties of HTTP service was replaced by field "Main site" on tab "Sites". Main site opens as with explicit reference to it, and if the site is not specified in request or specified a nonexistent site.

IP address of the remote SMTP server in the MX delivery now is requested immediately before connecting to it, which reduces the number of requests to DNS.

Small improvements and correction of defects in the server and console.

Version 3.04 (21.11.2014) (in comparing to version 3.03)

Displaying port of POP3 server has been added in the list of remote mailboxes.

Message processing by antispam and sorter with a large number of rules has been significantly accelerated.

Displaying lists with a large number of records has been accelerated.

When executing an external application (in the antivirus and scheduler) was not being taken into account the situation when the exit code was not obtained (no executable file, no rights to run it and others). As a result, some random value was being taken as a code.

If one or more messages were being refused by antispam when receiving mail from a remote mailbox, all messages received later in the same session and intended for re-receiving, were being directed to the spam recipient instead the recipients of these messages.

In the log message "Notification created..." an empty sender address was always being displayed ("from <>"), even for non-service notifications. Now for such notifications the e-mail address of the sender from the notification template is displayed.

Version 3.03 (16.08.2014) (in comparing to version 3.02)

Corruption of file state.cfg now almost impossible.

System of counting the violations of clients is developed. When the specified number of violations is reached, access to the service is denied for client on a certain time. Violations are: the authentication failure, the sending of an unrecognized command.

Possibility to send not only the service notifications, but also the notifications as regular messages from a specific sender.

Possibility to create notifications of messages, the sending which is delayed by a certain time.

Possibility to alternate the "black" and "white" rules of antispam in arbitrary order. Explicit support of special rule "External conditions" (checking of allowed addresses and starting an external antispam).

In the lists of rules of antispam and sorter, new rule is now added after the selected one, but not at the end of the list. If no rule is selected, a new rule is added to the top of the list.

If the check box "Require authentication of local senders" in the domain properties is cleared, the SMTP service now accepts messages also from nonexistent users of this domain.

When a client connects to the service, now limit on the number of simultaneous connections is checked first, and then if the limit is not exceeded, the remaining checks of client are performed.

If when the client connects to the service, there are established connections to the same service from the IP address of the client and the maximum number of simultaneous connections is not reached, then this client is allowed access to the service without any additional checks. Thereby the simultaneous connections from the same IP address are accelerating.

The order of use the DNS-servers when repeating of the request changed from 1-1-2-2 to 1-2-1-2.

If the response from the specified DNS servers is not received, the unnecessary requests of the authoritative DNS servers now are not performed.

When the DNS server returns a response "domain does not exist" the repeating of the request now is not performed.

In the properties of a notification template "From" field is divided into two fields: "From, name" and "From, e-mail address".

Removed support for antivirus "Kaspersky Anti-Virus v4.x" as obsolete and not supported by the developer.

Removed the action "Disinfect" in the antivirus, because the disinfection is specified by the key of command line of antivirus.

Small improvements, fixes of minor errors and defects in the server (services and others), console (lists and others) and installer.

Installing CMS on the version 1.xx containing remote mailboxes was interrupted with an error "Field "RemoteMailboxes.UseAntispamTOP" not found".

Version 3.02 (14.09.2013) (in comparing to version 3.01)

The list of antispams. Each of external mailboxes and SMTP service can have its own internal antispam.

The antispam rules can be moved through the list. The rules are checked in the order they are listed.

Selection of the send queue added to the "Sending Tasks". The list displays the tasks only from the selected queue.

The number of tasks in the list and their total size are displayed in the "Sending Tasks".

Support for Perl in the web server.

Property of the web server "Address of error 404 page".

Small improvements and the fixes of minor bugs in the console.

Small improvements of the web server in the transfer the name and version of the server to the script interpreter and to the client.

Installing CMS on the previous version with default configuration was interrupted with error "Field "Services.AllowUnsecureAuth" not found".

In some cases, the total size of messages in the "Remote Messages" was calculated incorrectly.

When requesting a folder without the default files, the web server readdressed the client to the same folder instead of returning error "404 Not Found". As a result, the client browser repeatedly requested the same folder as long as it did not detect loops.

The web server processed the files with a name without an extension as PHP scripts.

Version 3.01 (13.04.2013) (in comparing to version 3.00)

Additional antispam checks of clients in SMTP service: the existence of PTR record, the matching of the A and PTR records, the matching of the host name with the pattern of the forbidden names.

Feature of binding the mail sending with a specific IP address.

Small reorganization of settings: tab "Access" in the properties of services, tab "General" in section "Sending".

The optimizations, fixes of some minor errors and defects of the converter configuration in the setup are performed.

When installing CMS administrator password is immediately encrypted.

When updating from CMS 1.xx all passwords are immediately encrypted.

All unencrypted passwords stored in the configuration file are encrypted during the first saving the configuration.

If access to POP3 service has been allowed for all then after updating from previous versions, the console could not connect to the server.

Version 3.00 (01.12.2012) (in comparing to version 2.12)

Remote administration of the server.

The user interface is separated from the server part. Thus solved the problem with the inaccessibility of the user interface when running the server as a service in Windows Vista and in subsequent versions.

The user interface is divided into two parts: the administrator console (the main window) and the monitor (the icon in the notification area).

The setup (installer) of CMS.

The number of messages in the selected mailbox and their total size are displayed in the "Remote Messages".

Field "Administrator" in section "Settings - General" for selecting the user who is allowed access to the server settings.

Field "Language" in section "Settings - General" for selecting the language of server part, regardless of the user interface language.

The check box "Write protocol of administration" in the properties of the log.

Converter of CMS 1.5x configuration is embedded in the setup of CMS 3.xx and improved. Now all server settings are converted.

Windows 95/98/ME/NT are excluded from the list of supported OS and Windows Vista/2008/7 are added.

Improved extraction of sender addresses from message headers.

Reorganized the "File" menu, the properties of the main window and the context menu of the icon in the notification area.

Small improvements and the fixes of minor bugs and defects of the user interface.

The starting of the server with the language files of another version was possible, which lead to incorrect display of messages and errors in the server.

When the language is changed, any unsaved changes of the settings are automatically applied. At that the button "Reset" remained active, however when it is pressed canceling is not performed.

Errors at reading the configuration file converted from CMS 1.5x.

Version 2.12 (05.03.2012) (in comparing to version 2.11)

The log message about creation of the notification about undelivered message now contains the list of recipient addresses, to which message is failed to deliver.

The log message about a nonexistent domain now contains name of this domain.

If a remote SMTP server unexpectedly disconnected when receiving a message, the CMS tried to send following messages from a queue via the same connection, that caused an error "Invalid socket (10038)". As a result, there were delays with sending mail.

If check box "Recipients" of the notification template about the virus is selected, then when creating such notification for messages with several recipients one incorrect address (which is composed of the several addresses) is added to notification instead of recipient addresses. As a result, the notification about the virus is not delivered to recipients of the original message.

If an alternative type of sending was the sending on the list, when it is performed, domains of some message recipients are determined incorrectly. As a result, the alternative sending for some messages could be performed without performing the main one (MX-delivery).

If a remote SMTP server unexpectedly disconnected when receiving a message, then the command that is sent before disconnecting is not included in the sending log, that is added to the notification about undelivered message, and note about disconnection is not located on a separate line.

When creating a notification about the virus, the value of the macro Recipients always been an empty string. Now the macro contains a list of recipient addresses of the original message.

Version 2.11 (31.12.2011) (in comparing to version 2.10)

When processing event "the starting of scheduler task from a sorting rule" check box "Attach original message" of the corresponding template is used, that allows when sorting attach the processed message to the notification.

Field "Extensions of files containing PHP scripts" in HTTP service.

In a sorting rule, condition "external recipients" now corresponds to external and nonexistent local recipients, and condition "local recipients" corresponds to the existent local recipients and aliases. Previously, the first condition corresponded only to external recipients, and the second one corresponded to any local (existing, nonexistent and aliases).

Now, aliases also are extracted from message headers, in addition to local e-mail addresses.

The Web server did not decode in requested URL the characters presented by the hexadecimal codes ("%XX"), that caused an error "404 Not Found".

When switching the check boxes on tab "Recipients" in the properties of external mailbox, a state of check boxes "only if there are no recipients" was changed incorrectly.

Version 2.10 (27.12.2010) (in comparing to version 2.09)

When some errors of string decoding were occurring, the process of the mail receiving was interrupted. (The error has appeared in CMS 2.09).

Fields of the message headers, containing empty Quoted-printable strings were not decoded; the error "'$=?' is not a valid integer value" was occurring.

The column "ID" in the list of the sorting rules was empty. (The error has appeared in CMS 2.09).

Errors at reading the configuration file converted from CMS 1.5x.

Version 2.09 (01.12.2010) (in comparing to version 2.08)

The "Actions" column is added to the list of the sorting rules.

The US-ASCII encoding table is added.

Aliases of the encoding tables are supported (for example: Windows-1251 = CP1251, CP-1251, X-CP1251, X-CP-1251).

Decoding of the strings consisting of several encoded parts, separated by spaces, is improved.

Extraction of e-mail addresses from message headers is improved.

The service property "Start service when IP address/port is occupied" is deleted. Now the IP address/port is always opened in exclusive mode, hereby not allowing to harmful application to capture it (so-called "socket hijacking") and to intercept the client connections.

Strings in encoding UTF-8, consisting of several parts were decoded incorrectly.

The name of the attached file for X-Attach-Filename field was not extracted, if Content-Disposition field was not containing the "filename" parameter. Now in such cases the file name will be extracted from the "name" parameter of Content-Type field.

The sorter was hanging up at check of incorrectly specified conditions.

The command line parameters of antivirus could not contain the characters ":" and "\".

When message was refused by antispam on allowed recipient addresses (To, Cc), only the rule for the last address of the list was written to the log.

Version 2.08 (01.02.2010) (in comparing to version 2.07)

The interface of interaction with external antispam by means of loading the DLL library.

The check box "Wait for termination" in properties of the sorting rule, allowing suspend the sorting for execution time of task.

For personal authentication on external SMTP server, external e-mail address assigned in user properties is used.

In process of sorting, message file can be deleted by scheduler task - this situation is processed correctly, the server will delete the remained inf file and will terminate message processing.

The macro Recipients (recipients of processed message) is added to event "the starting of scheduler task from a sorting rule".

The decoding of incorrect Quoted-printable strings in coding UTF-8 is improved.

The antispam parameters for external mailboxes are changed and moved from "Processing/Antispam" tab to the properties of external mailboxes.

The "Processing/Application" tab is deleted. Specified there actions are now specified by means of the sorting rules.

The format of some log messages has changed.

Message headers containing lines of 512 and more characters long were damaged.

If DNS server returned recursive chain of aliases (because of incorrect configuration of corresponding DNS zone), DNS client was looped.

If message not had a text part, name of the attached file for X-Attach-Filename field was not extracted.

If name of the attached file contained the ";" character then only part of name till this character was extracted for field X-Attach-Filename.

Other errors and defects.

Version 2.07 (28.11.2009) (in comparing to version 2.06)

Possibility to send the external mail to SMTP servers requiring that sender address coincided with name of authenticated user.

Possibility to automatically send message to SMTP servers on list, if MX delivery of it is failed, conversely.

Functional possibilities of sorter are extended: the checking and the filtering the message recipients, additional actions (delete, add all recipients of a domain, store to a queue, direct to sorter).

Regular expressions in the conditions of sorter and antispam.

Viewing of the list of messages accomodating in remote mailboxes, with feature of the repeated receipt or removing the selected messages.

The subjects of messages are displayed in "Sending Tasks".

Sending of messages in order of increasing their sizes.

The main sorter processing all passing messages regardless of the way of their receipt (SMTP/POP3/notification).

Possibility of specify the priority of the operations in the conditions of sorter and antispam by means of parentheses.

The value of field "Consider message as undelivered after" now can be specified both at hours and at minutes.

Web server supports the multiple sites.

The macros RecvDateTime, Size and FileName (data of processed message) are added to event "the starting of scheduler task from a sorting rule".

The macro Log (the fragment of the log of message sending) is added to event "message is not delivered because time of sending has expired".

The encoding tables is added: ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-3, ISO-8859-4, ISO-8859-6, ISO-8859-8, ISO-8859-9, ISO-8859-11, ISO-8859-13.

Field "E-mail address" in properties of remote mailboxes.

Replacement of the addresses of local users by their external addresses is now performed in all fields of the message header, except of fields Message-ID, Subject, In-Reply-To, References. Also now all the found local addresses, for which replacement is enabled, are replaced, rather then only the sender address. The finding the e-mail addresses for replacement is improved.

Sorter property "Send unsorted messages to this address" is deleted. This action is now specified by means of a sorting rule.

In field "If server did not respond, do not connect to it for" in properties of the sending is now specified not list, but one value.

The format of some log messages has changed and additional information is added to them.

The format of the macro value UndeliveredHours is changed from "hh" to "hh:mm".

Macro Condition (a met condition) is removed from event "the starting of scheduler task from a sorting rule".

The encoding tables is renamed: IBM866 to CP866, X-MAC-CYRILLIC to MACCYRILLIC.

When receiving the mail from remote mailbox, error "Access violation at address 004D29F6" is sometimes occurred, with the result that the next starting the task of the receipt was impossible till the server restart.

If in remote mailbox was selected only the check box "Extract local recipients from these headers", then spam did not send to the specified address ("Send spam to this address"), but was delivered to this local recipients.

The local address of message sender was not replaced by its external address, if local address was located not at the first line of a field of message header.

In Windows Vista when the attempts of the RAS connecting are exhausted, the disorderly close-down of server occurred.

When stopping the services manually, the error "Access violation at address 004AD637" sometimes occurred.

The fixes of errors and optimization of DNS client are performed.

Errors in the encoding tables: ISO-8859-5 (codes for letters "YO" and "yo"), ISO-8859-7.

Quite a number of errors and defects of the user interface.

Version 2.06 (29.04.2008) (in comparing to version 2.05)

The system of generating the notification messages, when certain events are occured (message is not delivered, virus found, etc.), is developed. Notifications are created on the specified templates with macros using.

The start the scheduler tasks from the sorting rules.

A scheduler task can create the certain notification.

The possibility to limit the maximum sizes of the local mailboxes.

If some inf file (*.inf) is absent or corrupted then a corresponding record with specifying the file name is added to the log, and message, to which this inf file pertains, is ignored.

The support of the coding UTF-8 in the conditions of the sorting and filtering the messages.

If when connecting to remote SMTP or POP3 server a request of IP address of this server is failed (for example, if list of DNS servers is empty), then connection through SOCKS server is established (if it is allowed).

The macros from notification templates can be used in the properties of a scheduler task in fields "Run this application" and "Continue execution if this file exists".

After execution an external application in a scheduler task the ExitCode macro with the exit code of the application is added to the macro list. If check box "Wait for termination" is not selected macro is not added.

The Web server property "Default files" allowing to specify own file list by default. For example: "index.*;*.php".

The check box "Allow execution of several task copies" in the properties of a scheduler task.

The possibility of the temporary disabling the rules of the sorter and antispam.

The "Description" field in the rules of the sorter and antispam.

Processing of the message list is greatly speeded up and processor usage is reduced, when receiving the mail from external mailboxes.

Sorting on the message sizes is speeded up in function "Receive the short messages first" of external mailboxes and the volume of the incoming traffic is reduced.

Initial and final spaces in a condition string were ignored when checking the rules of the sorter/antispam. For example, the condition Field:" string " was checked as Field:"string" (without spaces).

If server worked as service, then after user logoff the Windows and then logon again, the user interface sometimes began to work incorrectly.

If remote server unexpectedly disconnected when executing a DNS request then the next repetitions of the request caused the error "Winsock error (10038)".

The server could be not stopped while a external application started by a scheduler task was executed even though the check box "Wait for termination" was cleared.

The negative exit codes in the Command Line Antivirus were processed incorrectly.

The new messages in external mailbox were ignored if identifiers (UIDL) of a new and an earlier received messages differed only by letter case.

The server did not start under the wrong type of parameter Content Type in the Windows registry; the error "Invalid data type for 'Content Type'" was written to the log.

A RAS connection could be not added or changed in the Windows Vista. The error "An incorrect structure size was detected. (632)" was written to the log.

The error "System Error. Code: 87. The parameter is incorrect" sometimes occurred when executing the PHP scripts in the Windows Vista.

Version 2.05 (15.10.2006) (in comparing to version 2.04)

The SIZE extension in SMTP service and client (RFC 1870), allowing refuse the message, which size exceeds defined value, else before receiving the message body.

The AUTH command in POP3 service (RFC 1734), allowing use PLAIN, LOGIN, and CRAM-MD5 authentication methods.

In "About" window beside maximum number of users, the number of free (unused) users is displayed.

The format of the sorting/filtering conditions is changed. Now, the strings is need to be enclosed in quotation marks, and conditions can be combined as on "AND" by "&" character, so and on "OR" by "|" character. (header1:"string1" & header2!:"string2" | header3:"string3" ...)

The name of "_Attach.FileName" header in the sorting/filtering conditions is changed to "X-Attach-FileName".

If connection to remote SMTP server is failed, queue sending is terminated even though has other SMTP servers.

The sorting conditions of type "header:" ("header" is empty) and "header!:" ("header" is not empty) did not work.

Version 2.04 (26.08.2006) (in comparing to version 2.03)

Proxy-server (SOCKS v5) is developed.

Possibility of the work with external servers through proxy-server (SOCKS v5).

Antivirus integration (command line antiviruses, Kaspersky Anti-Virus v4.x).

When server received message with recipient's address contained certain characters, thread of message processing was looped and overloaded the processor.

Sorting/filtering on attachments ("_Attach.FileName:" header is added).

"Use antispam after message reception" feature for remote mailboxes.

Check boxes of domain - "Require authentication of local senders" and user - "Allow any sender address".

Reception of messages from remote mailbox in order of increasing their sizes.

Web-server returns the data type, corresponding to requested resource. (Content-Type header).

Server variables DOCUMENT_ROOT, SERVER_NAME and SERVER_PORT are transferred to PHP scripts.

Selection of the primary Internet connection (local network or remote access).

Primary or own Internet connection can be used in the scheduler tasks.

"Terminate connection after using" (Auto, Yes, No) property of RAS connection.

Termination of RAS connection after its use can be delayed on specified time.

When receiving or reading message from file, incorrect line separator - LF ($0A) are processed correctly. When sending or saving message in file, LF are replaced by correct separator - CRLF ($0D0A).

Sorting of lists on any column.

If authentication is activated in properties of remote SMTP server, while server does not support it, then mail is sent without authentication.

The speed of the program start is increased in over 2 times.

Additional properties of SMTP and HTTP services are moved from "Settings" window to properties of corresponding services.

"Use any established RAS connection" property of scheduler task are moved to properties of RAS connection.

"Number of screen log lines" property is removed from interface settings. The screen log displays last 500 lines.

The tasks are sorted in menu alphabetically.

Status windows is updated periodically, rather then under each change. This accelerates the server working when windows is frequently updating.

Reorganization and bug fixes of the user interface are performed.

Message could delete after sending to external recipients, even though it had a local recipients.

The server is hung on start, if one of configuration files (*.cfg) or inf files (*.inf) was corrupted.

If DNS server returned incorrect response, then "Out of memory" error occurred.

In some cases, when Web server received the content of POST request, for transferring to PHP script, the process php.exe was hung.

Web server did not process the Status header, returned by PHP, with the result that browser did not display some pages.

SMTP service rejected "MAIL FROM:<>" command with parameters.

Version 2.03 (01.09.2005) (in comparing to version 2.02)

English help.

All headers of HTTP requests ("HTTP_*") are transferred to PHP scripts.

Links to the documents on Web-pages were opened incorrect. The document were not transferred to the corresponding application, but was opened in binary form in the browser window.

Removing the remote server was not prohibited, if it was used only by scheduler tasks.

Removing the domain was not prohibited, if it contained the address aliases. The aliases herewith did not delete.

The standard shortcut keys (Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+X, etc) did not work in the enter fields of the numbers, time and IP addresses.

The changes of the sending queue properties were reset when moving SMTP-servers on list.

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