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If troubles in server work occur we recommend to keep the following order of actions:

1. Refer to section Frequently Asked Questions; it may contain solution of your or similar problem.

2. Carefully read sections of the help system and check correctness of server and client settings.

3. Set the debug level of log details (Settings - Log - Detail level - Debug); analyze the log of the server working, messages of mail clients and other information related to the problem.

4. If you could not solve the problem by yourself, ask other users on the forum for help.

Important. To have your problem solved or your question answered efficiently, formulate them firmly, specify information about CMS and Windows versions, CMS start type (service or application), type of Internet access and other important information. Describe actions you performed for solving the problem and the result of these actions.

If the problem consists in server failures, attach the corresponding log fragment with debug level of details.

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