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New in Courier Mail Server 3.09
(in comparing to version 3.08)

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- New feature
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- Bug fix

In the scheduler tasks the commands can now go in any order and be many times repeated with different parameters. One block of commands can be executed in the presence of a specific file, the other - in the absence. Several files can be checked at once by combining the conditions of "and/or". Conditions can be nested. Commands are automatically indented depending on the nesting depth. The correctness of setting conditions is checked automatically when applying changes.

The actions "Exclude recipients from sorting" and "Return excluded recipients" in the sorting rule.

The function "Ignore violations of IP group" in the properties of services.

The ability to use a client certificate when establishing protected connections (SSL/TLS) to remote servers, including MX delivery.

Ability to pause screen log update.

Users passwords, key activation password and administrator password in the installer can now be entered in clear text.

In the list of schedules in the column "Time" a display of the schedule type ("At" / "Every") has been added.

The repeat period of the schedule with a specified time interval is now counted from the beginning of each subrange. Previously, for all schedules, the period was counted from the beginning of the current day. This allows, in particular, to shift by time the schedules with the same repeat period.

Small IMAP client optimization. Now messages are identified not by their order numbers, but by their UID; messages sizes are requested at the same time as the UID request.

Small improvements, fixes of minor errors and defects in the console.

When the IMAP client requested a message, certain server responses (for example, of the absence of a message) or the inability to determine the size of the message could cause to hanging connection and its further interruption by timeout. Now in such cases, the receiving will continue with the next message.

Version History

The site is updated: 16.04.2019
Current version of CMS: 3.09 (?)
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 04.04.2019  Released CMS 3.09.
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