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New in Courier Mail Server 3.10
(in comparing to version 3.09)

- Important
- New feature
- Change
- Bug fix

The server log is divided into 6 logs: the main one and for each service. Each log is saved to a separate file and displayed on a separate tab in the console. Tabs of unused (empty) logs are not displayed.

Automatic deletion of old log files (stored for more than a specified number of days).

Ability to choose the type and size of fonts in the console parameters (main font, font of log and text of message template, font of section titles).

For each external IMAP mailbox, a folder can now be specified from which mail will be received.

Ability to limit for each remote SMTP server the maximum number of messages sent to it within a specified time.

Ability to limit for each remote SMTP server the maximum number of recipients in each message sent to it.

Ability to disable server certificate validation when establishing protected connections (SSL/TLS) to remote servers, including MX delivery.

If the server is unable to open the log file, the tab of this log in the console is flagged and displays the error information. When the file is successfully opened, the tab displays the name of the current log file.

Ability to select its own detail level of log for each service.

The "Folder of log files" field in the "Settings - Log" section.

Now the maximum size of the log file is always limited and can be specified in both kilobytes and megabytes.

All log files that have reached their maximum size are now saved, not just the last one (*.old) as it was before.

The "Save to file mode" log setting is removed. Now the mode "Separate file for each date" is always active.

The "Write protocol of administration" check box in the "Settings - Log" section is removed. This protocol is now written to the WinAdmin service log at high and debug detail levels.

Small improvements, fixing minor errors and defects in the console, server and installer (configuration converter).

Some received messages were saved by the IMAP client in violation of the format, which could later lead to the transfer of these messages in incomplete form.

Errors of thread coordination when sending mail.

Version History

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