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New in Courier Mail Server 3.08
(in comparing to version 3.07)

- Important
- New feature
- Change
- Bug fix

In the lists in the column header by which the list is sorted, the icon with the sort direction is displayed.

Previously, the situation was not taken into account when the antivirus monitor deleted a message file from the queue folder, so further processing of the message was interrupted with an EFOpenError error and processing of the messages by the server was completely terminated. Now, in this situation, the message processing is completed correctly, the corresponding report is recorded to the log and processing of the messages is continued.

Previously, if the server has refused of the console connection, then regardless of the cause of refuse, the error "Remote host disconnected" has been displayed. Now, in such cases, the console reports the cause of refuse and the server response.

Small improvements, fixes of minor errors and defects in the console (lists and others).

SMTP service was being rejected the greeting commands (EHLO, HELO) sent by the client again in the same session.

Installing CMS on the versions 1.xx and 2.xx was being interrupted with the error "Field "Services.UseMaxConnOneIP" not found".

When using of a large system font, the registration key of the program was impossible to activate, because the input window of the activation password did not open, there was the error "Access violation at address 0044EC39".

Version History

The site is updated: 18.01.2019
Current version of CMS: 3.08 (?)
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 09.04.2017  Added https version of the site.
 15.03.2017  Released CMS 3.08.
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