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New in Courier Mail Server 3.11
(in comparing to version 3.10)

- Important
- New feature
- Change
- Bug fix

The processing of messages in the processing queue and the processing of undelivered and delayed messages have been cardinally accelerated. Significantly accelerated the processing of messages when they are sent. Improved server performance in general.

Support for secure connections (SSL/TLS) with activation when the client is connected (connection mode to a special port) in SMTP, POP3, HTTP and WinAdmin services. Support is enabled separately for each service. SMTP and POP3 services also allow to select the protection activation mode.

Support for secure connections (SSL/TLS) with the server (WinAdmin service) in the console with the ability to disable server certificate validation.

Ability to search for a specified string in lists of users, antispam rules, sorting rules and remote messages.

Now copying text in Russian (and some other languages) via the clipboard from the console to applications that support Unicode and back is performed correctly, regardless of the current input language.

All services, when authentication fails, write to the log the name of the user for whom the failure occurred, and the exact reason for the failure: incorrect password, user does not exist or is inactive.

Services that have changed the port or IP address for accepting connections are automatically restarted when the changes are applied.

Added an activity check box in the properties of web site, user, address alias, schedule, time subrange, remote SMTP server. The server only works with active records.

Ability to select a standard port number from the list has been added to all fields for input the port number. When select a standard port, the necessary connection security settings (SSL/TLS) are automatically set.

All password input fields in the console are brought to a single form: input field, clear password button, show/hide password button. The saved password cannot be changed or shown, it can only be cleared and a new one entered.

To avoid long console freezes when working with the server, the "Timeout" field has been added to the connection window.

To avoid long antivirus freezes when scanning messages, the "Max. time of message check" field has been added to the antivirus properties.

The "Timeout" field in the properties of connection through SOCKS server.

Ability to deny web access to a specified web site folder.

Ability to require authentication for web access not only to the entire web site, but also to a specific folder of it.

The HTTP service now returns not only the HTTP error code, but also the error description displayed in the client's browser.

The "Auto-adjusting fonts" check box in the console options.

The "SSL/TLS" column has been added to the lists of services, remote SMTP and POP3/IMAP servers and connections. The "Protocol" column has been added to the list of remote POP3/IMAP servers.

In user properties, the domain is displayed after the name.

Ability to copy the lines of the screen log using Ctrl + Insert keys.

Icons have been added to all drop-down lists for selecting records created on the server. The icon kind corresponds to the record type.

Server startup has been accelerated by reading inf files in the background. Now, even with a large number of messages in the processing queue, the main functionality of the server starts working almost immediately after launch.

Updating the list of sending tasks in the console has been cardinally accelerated.

Now in the unregistered copy of the program (demo version) the number of active records is limited: web site - 1, address alias - 3, scheduler task command - 10, remote SMTP server - 2, remote mailbox - 3, antispam rule - 10, sorting rule - 10. The number of inactive records is unlimited. The registered copy of the program does not have these limits.

Now it is not the total number of users that is limited, as it was before, but the number of active users. The number of inactive users is unlimited.

Now, if the number of active records exceeds the current limits when the server is started, the server work is suspended (only administration is available) until the registration key is activated or the excess is eliminated. The console displays the corresponding message when connecting to the server. In this case, lists of records display all records, including those exceeding the limits.

In the SOCKS service, data transfer between the client and the target server was previously performed without a timeout, which could cause a long hang of connections. The timeout specified in the SOCKS service is now applied.

The DNS client has been optimized in terms of working with the list of DNS servers, and minor errors have been fixed.

In user properties, specifying the domain in the name is prohibited.

In the WinAdmin service, it is now not allowed to select such an IP address for accepting connections, in which local connection will become impossible.

The monitor options window now uses the current system font.

Small improvements, fixing minor errors and defects in the console, server, installer and monitor.

UTF-8 encoded strings containing certain characters were not decoded.

In certain cases, the coordination of threads was disrupted, which could cause delays in sending, receiving from remote mailboxes and processing mail, as well as the hanging of scheduler tasks that started sending and receiving mail.

In the properties of the sending queue, it was impossible to move servers through the list, the error "Access violation at address 0049DD21" occurred.

Due to the nature of Windows, when updating the date of the last write to a file, some log files were deleted a day later than they should have been.

If the server was running as an application, then when the Windows session ended, the run separator was not written to all log files except the main one.

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